Class 8 Assignment Solution 2021

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About Class 8 Assignment Solution

Directorate of Secondery and Higher Education-DSHE ( has published the assignment question for class 8 students. You will get the questions in there website

All the students of class 8 have to do the assignments and submit these to their teachers. They will be assesed by those assignments incase any examinnation cannot took place.

So, You must participate in the assignment proggramme and submit the assignments if you want to be promotted in the next class.

Class 8 Assignment Answer 2021

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Let’s see the assignment solutions.

Assignment Solution of Class 8

Students have to do assignments for 27 week. Every week they need to do 2 subjects assignments.

Here is the answers provided below.

1st Week Assignment Answer

2nd Week Assignment Answer Class 8

16th Week Assignment Answer Class 8

17th Week Assignment Answer Class 8

18th Week Assignment Answer Class 8

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