Class 6 Assignment Solution

Class 6 Assignment Solution is very important for the students. The education ministry has published an assignment for class six. You will get the correct answer to assignment 2021

Are you looking for the Class 6 Assignment Solution? You are in the right place. In this post, I am going to discuss the assignment solution of class six. Read this article carefully to get the exact answer to the assignment.

What is assignment?

An assignment is a way to judge a student. It is a task asked to do by the students. The students write answers according to the question. You have to use A4 (Offset) Paper to write your answers for the assignment.

Then the students have to submit the assignment to their teacher. The teachers will examine the answers to the assignment and grade the students.

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Why the assignment?

The school and Colleges are off for a long day. This is why the students were deprived of class and examination. To connect them with study and judge their progress, the government decided to take the assignment. They declared a long plan for taking assignments.

How to write the assignment?

Many students don’t know how to write the assignment properly. So, they cannot achieve full marks. To get the highest marks, you have to write the assignment properly.

Firstly, you must use offset (A4) paper to write the assignment. Some schools accept other papers, but using offset paper is good.

Secondly, You should write only on one side of a paper. Don’t write on both sides. Keep one side blank.

Thirdly, Keep your writing clean, Don’t overwrite. If there is too much mistake, use a new paper and write the answer again.

Fourthly, You can use Pencil, Colour pen, etc. where it is needed.

You should always be very careful when writing the answer.

Class 6 Assignment Solution

Assignment questions for class six students have been published by the Directorate of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education (DSHE)-

Students have to write the answers and submit them to their teachers in time. We are providing the solutions here for the students.

Class 6 Assignment Solution for all classes is given below.

1st Week Assignment Solution

2nd Week Assignment Solution

3rd Week Assignment Solution

4th Week Assignment Solution

5th Week Assignment Solution

6th Week Assignment Solution

7th Week Assignment Solution

8th Week Assignment Solution

Class 6 Assignment Solution

16th Week Assignment Solution

17th Week Assignment Solution


Hope that you have got all week assignment solutions for class six. Feel free to comment below if you have anything to ask.

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